Malawi’s former deputy speaker of parliament commits suicide


The former deputy speaker of Malawi’s parliament shot himself inside parliament on Thursday, where he was attending a parliamentary session, according to the country’s parliament.

Clement Chiwaya, 50, committed suicide in the parliament building. Before committing suicide, he attended a meeting to discuss the benefits of transportation to which he was entitled, as a councilor, when he left office in 2019.

Police spokesman James Kadadzera confirmed the incident, but declined to comment until he had received a full report from investigators.

“Parliament regrets informing the public that the former deputy speaker committed suicide inside the parliament building,” a statement from Malawi’s parliament said.

The statement also said that this was due to his “disappointment” that his demands had not been met.

Chiwaya bought his car, at the end of his five years in office in 2019, according to the contract.



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