Many die of COVID-19 in Hiran region


Doctors in Farlibaax district in Hiran region have given details of COVID-19 cases reported in the area which have claimed many lives.

Dr. Omar Saney, one of the doctors who arrived in Farlibaax, said that 11 people had died in the district, most of them with symptoms of COVID-19.

He added that they have started testing for COVID-19 in the district, and that 2 people have been diagnosed with the disease, as well as others who have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Lastly, he said that they are making efforts to ensure that the people of Farlibaax district have access to treatment centers for the disease, calling on the community to be vigilant.

In areas and districts in South and Central Somalia, many people have died of COVID-19 epidemic while many others are bedridden.



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