500 migrants arrested in Libya


A statement from the director of the Norwegian Refugee Council in Libya, Dax Roque, described the mass arrests of more than 500 migrants in the capital, Tripoli, on Friday.

“I am shocked by the news of the arrest of a large number of migrants in Tripoli.

“We are hearing that more than 500 migrants, including women and children, have been rounded up, illegally detained and are at risk of abuse and mistreatment,” said a statement from Dax Roque. , director of the Norwegian Refugee Council in Libya.

Immigrants and refugees in Libya, especially those without legal residency in the country, are often at risk of arbitrary detention, torture, sexual abuse, and extortion in large numbers of detention centers in Libya.

“I believe that this latest wave of arrests is part of a wider crackdown on migrants and refugees in Libya,” the statement added.

The agency also called on Libyan authorities to release detainees immediately and end the crackdown on migrants and refugees. to increase the resettlement of refugees in Libya.






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