The remaining members of the Hir-Shabelle Upper House election to be held today


Today in Jowhar, the capital of Hir-Shabelle region to hold elections for the last two seats of the Hir-Shabelle Administration in the Upper House

Earlier, six seats were up for grabs in Jowhar town, and one of the two seats to be elected today was in a state of turmoil.

two seats to be elected in Jowhar today There will be five candidates, one of whom will be the only female candidate, and the candidates for the two seats are named.

1. Abdulkadir Hanafi Sheikh Bashir
2. Ali Shaban Ibrahim
3. Abdalla Abdi Hussein.

Second seat

1. Naciimo ibrahim Yuusuf
2. Samsam Abdullahi Ahmed

Meanwhile, two of the candidates for the upper house of parliament, Mohamed Moalim Hassan Kulmiye and Abukar Hassan Ali Maqaney, have announced their withdrawal from the race.



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