Hir-Shabelle president says he will open talks with opponents of his administration


Hir-Shabelle state president Ali Gudlawe Hussein has spoken out against the opposition to his administration and that he has been denied access to Beledweyne several times.

Ali Gudlawe who addressed the ceremony marking the 5th anniversary of Hir-Shabelle said that they are ready to hold talks with anyone who opposes the Hir-Shabelle administration.

He said there were concerns but it was impossible to say you could not come to us, and called on the community to work with the authorities.

Finally, the President of Hir-Shabelle region Ali Gudlawe Hussein said that his administration will work fairly for the people living in Hir-Shabelle areas.

The statement from the president of Hir-Shabelle comes at a time when he has been prevented from going to Beledweyne town in Hiraan region, where there are militias led by General Hud who strongly oppose the election of Ali Gudlawe as the president of Hir-Shabelle.


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