Jubbaland Cabinet meets on Security & Drought


The President of Jubbaland, Ahmed Mohamed Islam, today chaired a cabinet meeting to discuss the drought situation in parts of Jubbaland, security issues and other issues.

First, the Ministry of Security reported on the security situation in Jubaland and the latest developments, including operations by various security forces.

The Ministries of Livestock and Disaster Management have reported severe drought in parts of Jubbaland that has affected livestock and the population, in addition to unknown diseases that are severely killing livestock such as the Ministry of Livestock. reported.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Justice, Religious Affairs and Endowments reported on the work of the Justice Department and the importance of strengthening the judiciary which has been much improved in recent years.

Finally, the Ministry of Health reported on the various equipment donated by the Arta Foundation to the Ministry which will go a long way in the ongoing work and the Ministry’s efforts to rehabilitate the health infrastructure which is in great need of support from the local population. abroad.



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