Ahlu Sunna forces take over Guri El and launch an operation


News from Guriel district in Galgsdud region Ahlu Sunna forces who recently took over the district have today launched an operation against Al-Shabaab.

The troops are said to have launched an operation in Guri El district, Such as Jaw Burujeed & Daadale areas, where Al-Shabaab members are said to be based.

Military officials said that was their intention to oust al-Shabaab from the southern areas of Guriel district, where they are harassing people.

Pastoralists in Jaw Burujeed & Daadale areas are expressing fears that they will be attacked and harmed.

The senior leadership of Ahlusuna Waljama’a has repeatedly stated that their aim is to fight Al-Shabaab, and the operation comes at a time when there is tension between Galmudug officials and Ahlusuna forces.



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