Galmudug president holds emergency meeting with his cabinet


Galmudug state president Ahmed Abdi Kariye chaired a meeting of the Galmudug cabinet last night at the Galmudug presidential palace in Dhusamareb.

The meeting focused on issues such as the overall security situation in Galmudug and the escalation of the war against Al-Shabaab.

The meeting was also addressed
Accelerate the process of the bicameral elections in Somalia.

After much discussion and discussion, the Council of Ministers issued the following points.

1. The Council resolved to accelerate the security and stability of Galmudug,

2. The Council calls on all parties to the conflict to refrain from pursuing their ambitions peacefully.

3. The House of Representatives issued a resolution to expedite the electoral process and refer it to the parties concerned to fulfill their responsibilities.

The emergency meeting between the Galmudug president and his cabinet comes at a time when the administration’s security minister has resigned, and Galmudug is facing an armed Ahlu Sunna group that has taken control of Guriel district in Galgadud region.


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