Somali national killed in South Africa


Mohamed Ismail Kiish, one of the most prominent elders of the Somali community in South Africa, was shot dead by a group of South African bandits in the middle of the night.

The gunmen shot dead a businessman at his shop in East London, South Africa, and fled the scene.

One Somali businessman not far from the scene of the killing said the gang also robbed the shopkeeper and killed him.

“Gunmen stormed a shop, shot and robbed the shop, and smashed the CCTV camera attached to the shop, but the camera receiver was not able to take it,” said an eyewitness. was.

South African police officers went to the scene of the killing, trying to apprehend the gangs, but were unsuccessful.

Killings of Somali businessmen have become a regular occurrence in South Africa, and so far no one has taken the initiative to oppose either the Somali or South African governments.



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