Members of the Federal Electoral Commission hold meetings in Beledweyne


Hiraan Governor Ali Jeyte Osman hosted a dinner at the State House for members of the Federal and State Electoral Commission in Beledweyne.

The event was attended by Beledweyne District Administration officials and community members.

Officials who spoke at the event jointly welcomed the Federal and State Electoral Commissions and promised to work with them on the easiest way to hold the Lower House elections in Beledweyne and to work with the Commission.

The Governor promised the committee during their stay in Beledweyne that the administration will work with them in a transparent manner to achieve the goal of peaceful elections in Beledweyne and called on the community to work with the commission and the administration. as well as the Security Sector.

Members of the committee thanked the administration and the community and the community of Beledweyne for their warm welcome to the Governor of Hiran, Ali Jeyte Osman, and promised to meet with various sections of the public and private. The community will listen to their views on holding lower house elections in Beledweyne and the way forward for a peaceful election.



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