Somali government rejects plan to replace AMISOM mission


A report by the African Union Peace and Security Council endorsed the joint United Nations operation under Chapter VII of the Somali peacekeeping mission, but the Somali government again rejected the plan.

The Somali government has written to the African Union Peace and Security Council, saying it will not allow the expansion of the AMISOM Plan to include the United Nations Mission in Somalia.

A statement from the Somali government issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that Somalia is an independent country and that it is important to consider UN Security Council Resolution 2568 (2021) which allows Somali forces to maintain security in the country. AMISOM troops take over.

The Somali government has also said it will continue its work over the past three months to complete the current Joint Joint Process.

In July and August, a delegation from the African Union and officials including the Minister of Defense and the Commander of the Armed Forces met at Halane Camp in Mogadishu to discuss plans for the Somali National Army to take over security from AMISOM. 

In many parts of Somalia, there are troops from some African countries, operating under the AMISOM umbrella and assisting government forces in the fight against Al-Shabaab.


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