The Somali government has received a medical donation


A donation ceremony for some of the medical centers in the districts of Banadir region in Hamar Jajab, Yaaqshiid, Dharkeynley and Hiliwaa was held at the Italian military base in Halane.

The donation such FANDAZOINE BANCO FARMACEUTICO, Italy and was donated to the Italian Armed Forces Support Unit as part of the European Union.

EU Force Commander Gen Zenzone, speaking at the District Donation Committee, pledged to continue providing assistance to the Somali people in the districts of Benadir region.

The commander of the Italian contingent in support of Col. Patania said that they stand by the Somali people.

Dr. Ismail Dahir Ahmed, Head of Labor and Health Workers in Banadir Region thanked for the donation.

The Italian government is providing various donations to the community in Banadir region.



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