Tragic Incident: Four Brothers Killed in Well Fall


The four brothers died at the same time in a water well, in the village of Hora hawd not far from Jigjiga, the seat of the Somali Regional State.

The four men dug a well in Faafan to drink water, but lost their lives while trying to irrigate a farm in Faafan.

The relatives of the four men said that hours after they fell into the well, it was discovered, after being informed by one of the farm workers from the Oromo ethnic group.

Some members of the community in Faafan area managed to exhume the bodies of the four men, who had been there for more than six hours, and they were buried in Hora Hawd village.

The community in Fafan area was shocked by the four well-known men who fell into the well and died at the same time, and there was no major rescue operation by the local administration.



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