Jubbaland Cabinet Holds Drought Meeting Ministry of Relief and Disaster Management


The first vice president of Jubaland state Mohamud Sayid Aden today chaired a cabinet meeting to discuss various issues.

First, the Ministry of Relief and Disaster Management reported on the progress of drought relief efforts in many parts of Jubaland, with the Ministry outlining its plans to assist those affected by the drought.

The Ministry of Livestock says nearly 3,000 animals have died due to drought and unknown diseases in the area.

The Ministry of Planning and International Co-operation has announced that it will soon begin construction of dams and flood prevention works on the Juba River.

Finally, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs said that a project to create jobs for locusts affected people will soon begin in parts of Jubaland, with the first phase starting with 17,000 families in advance.



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